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Water cooling bottles on a rack

Water cooler accessories in North Wales

Discover our range of accessories at Nant Y Mynydd, including K3 refrigeration filters and blue nylon covers. Get in contact with our friendly team to learn more about our water cooler accessories and products today!

Inline refrigeration filters

Blue nylon covers

Our Blue Nylon PVC bottle covers are suitable for 19 litre water bottles. This design blocks out the sun, and to also prevents the bottle from turning green.

Blue nylon covers
K3 water filter

K3 water filters

Water filters are important to keep out potential and harmful odours before drinking. These water filters offer the following;


  • K3 Inline / Refrigeration Filters:

  • 1/2" Pushfit Connections

  • Scale Inhibitor (K3P)

  • GAC (K3G)

  • Chlorine Reduction

  • Sediment Filtration

  • Taste & Odour Protection

Bottle racks

This 4 tier bottle stack is ideal for storing bottles in a convenient and secure place.

Water racks

Contact us now for more information

For more information about our water cooler accessories in North Wales, please don't hesitate to contact us today. Call our friendly team now on 01248 665045 for more information about our water cooler accessories!

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