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Water cooler servicing in North Wales

Located in North Wales, we're experienced water cooler engineers, covering Gwynedd and across North Wales. If you require more information about our services, please get in contact with our team today on 01248 665045 for further assistance.

A 5-star service

It's important that your water cooler is regularly serviced. This ensures that your team enjoys great-tasting, perfectly chilled water, but it also helps to safeguard the health and safety of people who use the dispenser. When you choose Nant Y Mynydd Water Coolers, we take care of everything, visiting at times to suit you, and giving plenty of notice of our visit. We can also offer the same high standards of hygiene service on any previously acquired water cooler.

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Over 17 years of experience

Bottled water cooler servicing

Your bottled water cooler should be serviced to ensure it dispenses great-tasting spring water. Each service includes:

  • A complete internal and external clean

  • A thorough check of the cooling system

  • Removal of any dust or grime

When you choose Nant Y Mynydd Water Coolers to supply your water coolers, you don't even need to remember when your service is due. Once your installation is completed, our team will arrange regular servicing at a time to suit you.

Mains-fed or bottled?

When your mains-fed water cooler is first installed, our team will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure everything is working as it should be, and that it is located where it needs to be for maximum efficiency.

A full, comprehensive service will then be carried out every six months, this service is included in your package price - so no nasty surprises.

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Contact us now for water cooler servicing

For water cooler servicing in North Wales, email us today at for more information!

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